KAYLA COOPER_Fashion Model




AGE: 14

HEIGHT: 5' 5-1/2"

LOCATION: Houston, Texas

TALENTS: Modeling, Dancing

HOBBIES: Drawing, Baking

EDUCATION: Neil Hamil Center (Teen Program for Modeling) - DIPLOMA

AFFILIATION: Richard Holman Photography, LLC / STudio #2611 / MFC Production Studios



Date: Friday, May 05, 2017

From the Manager - (Kronski Meadows):

I have always seen something in Kayla.  From the time she was born she has always been camera ready.  Watching her grow up and emerge into the beautiful young lady that she is today, she has shown countless signs that she can have a great career in modeling.  At the age of 12, she began to express her passion for modeling.  With her hard work, dedication, and my support as her mother and manager, I believe now is the perfect time (age) to take her passion to the next level. 

Not only is she pretty and has a gorgeous smile, she's very smart and talented.  After completing high school, Kayla want to attend Texas A&M and obtain a degree in the medical field as a Obstetrician.  My daughter Kayla Cooper has BIG DREAMS... and as long as she stays grounded and focused I believe she will be very successful.


Kronski Meadows, a proud mother...


Kayla Cooper's Commercial - view on youtube!!   

 https://youtu.be/3REhhddUCgA - Copy and paste in your browser.