Richard Holman, Photographer


Houston native born, Richard Holman loves the work he does as a photographer.  He specializes in

Portraits, Event Photography, and Fashion.  Though the transition from an amateur to a professional

has been a great challenge, he seems to be taking on the challenges as they come.  


From the Photographer:

Shooting models are one of my favorite past times.  I really love the industry and I thank God for the

opportunity to utilize the gift that He has given me to enjoy.  I'm expecting God to take this skill to the next level

for His glory and honor!!!  I also thank my wife for her support and strength to allow me to do what I love.  And to 

my daughter Geneva (who without knowing), encouraged me to believe that I could become a great photographer.

Thanks for allowing me to take countless numbers of photos of you when you wanted to, and when you didn't want

to be in front of the camera!  It helped make me who and what I am today in the world of Photography!  I believe

the "Sky is the limit"...


Richard L. Holman, Photographer

Houston,Texas 77071

Email: rholman2@mac.com

Tel. #(832) 537-8323